Artist Statement

My work combines abstraction with industrial building methods and material. Shapes are informed by human anatomy and plumbing.I create large scale butt-holes. We are living in the age of the sphincter after all.

I am interested in making physical representations for symptoms of depression, and not just as it impacts the individual but also as it impacts our society. The materials I use are the same that are used to build the structures all around us. I do feel nostalgic for a society that predates this one, but it’s really for one that never existed.

Abstraction allows for the viewer feel like they recognize the object without being able to pinpoint exactly what it is supposed to be. The sculptures are made in different sections that slip together. Each section is made from heavy structural materials and are separated and protected from one another by rubber. Together they resemble swollen parts of the body. Each sculpture has a drain in the center. Maybe the drain is an attempt to lance the abscess but it’s not working.